14 - Naked Espresso: Management 3.0; an in-depth case-study

February 14, 2023 Sarika Kharbanda Season 2 Episode 3
14 - Naked Espresso: Management 3.0; an in-depth case-study
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At every Management 3.0 Foundation workshop that Marko facilitated, at some point there would be someone or the other who would ask “Are there any case studies on this topic?” And Marko’s response would be “Not really!”

Marko decided to write his own case study - to help the general public visualise Management 3.0 practices in action. That led to the creation of his book - The Naked Espresso: Management 3.0 - an in-depth case study.

Why the name Naked Espresso? What is Management 3.0? The 6 perspectives or views of Martie - the friendly Management 3.0 monster. Complexity thinking - what does that mean in today’s context and some games around that too! And so much more!

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What's this Spodkast about?
Introducing Marko van Gaans
Why call the title 'Naked espresso'?
Why should the focus be on Management 3.0?
How would behaviours of Management 3.0 leaders be different from that of 1.0 leaders?
Do you see culture impacts in adoption of Management 3.0?
6 views of Martie: friendly Management 3.0 monster
How can organisations understand their people?
Can I start implementing Management 3.0 practices right away?
Participant Question - How do you differentiate Management 3.0 from other frameworks etc?
Complexity Thinking
Participant Insights
Top 2 - 3 Key Insights of Management 3.0 - Marko's perspective
Wrapping up